Our friends have kept on harping about how much fun camping is with kids that we’ve gone ahead and done it. We went back and forth about the topic for ages, and we finally made the decision to do it. And luckily we did!

It was not easy, but it was a lot of fun! And our friends were right about the quality time we would spent together. We borrowed from them the big tents this time because we weren’t sure about the whole idea. After this we have no more doubts. It is possible to camp out with 3 kids younger than 10. We’ll definitely do it again!

We stayed for the long weekend at a cheap campsite just out of town. It was just right for all of us. Our kids had enough time to get used to the wilderness, and yet didn’t have enough time to get out of hand. We had time to go swimming in the lake with our rafts and toys, and showed the kids how to build a campfire. It was a great weekend.

I had enough foresight to borrow air mattresses from our friends. My friend lent me a large and comfortable air mattress. She said it was the best air mattress and she was right. We had some restful sleep at night. An air mattress makes for much more comfortable sleep than sleeping bags. I should ask her where she bought hers and get one for ourselves for the next camping trip.

I would like to get an air mattress for the kids too. It should be smaller and maybe a frame would be nice to keep the kids off the ground.

The other recommendation from our friends was the food that we brought. At home I planned and packed up all the food that we’d eat on the trip, used ziploc bags to keep them fresh, and then the campfire took care of it. We brought an iron pot for the campfire.

We had a great weekend with the kids. Next time we won’t be leaving them with my mum and they won’t let us go and have fun without them!