I have been running a fitness center in my local town for over ten years now. When I started the center, things were a bit hard as it was difficult to find clients as many shunned my center away due to my lack of experience. However, I had researched among many fitness programs from which I had drafted my own program which I believed would benefit many people.

Starting off, I used to advertise the fitness center via posters on strategic locations in my neighborhood. I managed to get a few clients but the uptake was not as enthusiastic as I had anticipated. However, all that changed when I started using YouTube ads. It all started one evening, as I was lazily looking for supplies for my dogs I stumbled upon a pet supplier with a very nice YouTube marketing strategy. The guy had attached educational YouTube videos next to his products. This enabled customers to learn how to use the products even before making a purchase.
fitness center
An idea immediately struck me. I thought if I could document the fitness program tracking participants from the beginning and highlight their progress through the program would appeal to others looking to keep fit. I immediately started recording the videos that highlighted the progress of my clients across a specific time span and attached them next to my programs. When a potential client clicks any of my fitness programs, there is a video to demonstrate how another client fared using the program. The YouTube ads saw my clientele grow from paltry 20 regular clients to over 50 clients within three months. A year later, I had to look for a bigger space to accommodate my clients as well as employ more fitness instructors.

Not only has the You Tube ads helped my business grow, they have also made me a kind of celeb around my neighborhood. Although I use social media advertising channels including a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the fitness center, none of them is as successful as the You Tube ads.