My stay at home mother as well as my working sister who is also a mom have advised me to switch from cast iron cookware to stainless steel cookware. They were concern of my family’s health as well as the quality of my dishes. Of course it is a hassle to constantly season the pan for preservation of the pan’s quality, I find that iron cookware heats up evenly.

After a few weeks of abandoning my iron cookware, I notice that it had started to rust and I was worried that my dishes would contain harmful Iron substance. Other than my family members, I sought out my friends from my book club and asked their opinion. Of course, their feedback were to purchase none other than stainless steel cookware.  Read: Stainless steel cookware reviews.

Few Great Characteristics

I had gotten myself the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 12 Pieces for below 240 dollars. It’s a great price considering they’re multiclad and they come with tight stainless steel covers. The multiclad cookware are known to be very durable and can endure various cooking style. Their lids are also a bonus point because they trap the flavours of the dish.

They’re heavy enough to stay on the stove as I stir ingredients. Just remember to coat the pan with a thin layer of oil and always preheat the man on medium heat. Thankfully they have no coatings on the interior that might be harmful and their stainless steel handles have stayed cool all the time.

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