Here are three knives that I have come to love as the best chef knives on the market, each from a different world-class manufacturer. I made this blog to not only highlight quality knives but also give you an idea of what is out there and assist you in getting a chef knife that is perfect for your needs.

Wusthof Classic Chef Knife: Being a fun of Western knives, I really love this Wusthof’s knife due to its high quality make. It is among the best chef knives today (if you can afford it) and among the top rated products in the globe. The knife’s balance is next to none due to its full tang blade that nests in a super triple-riveted handle. Its weight is also amazing as it doesn’t put much weight on my wrist when I am chopping things.


Henckels Professional S 8 Inch Chef Knife: Henckels is respected all over the world due to its great products. They produce a wide range of knives but my favorite one is the Pro S 8 because it’s definitely their best quality chef knife and is manufactured in Germany. This is a true classic chef knife. It’s a robust knife with a strong blade that chops through almost all types of food smoothly. One of its best features, which I have come to love, is its carbon steel which does not stain.

Victorinox 40520 Fibrox Chefs Knife: This straight edge knife has to be one of the most affordable Victorinox knives on the market today. Although I like to buy high-quality products that will last me for a long-term, this knife did a great job for me when I didn’t have enough cash. This is the knife for you if your budget is limited. The best thing about this knife is that it is stamped – you don’t need to sharpen or hone it for a very long time. As you have seen, there are lots of amazing knives on the market today. Hopefully, the above blog has given you an idea of what to expect. Remember, be faithful to your brand and buy what works and feels best for you. You are the chef.

Finding kitchen knife sets reviews online is not hard but you need to make sure you are approaching the right place to learn how to choose your knife set.


There are many forums that offer advice and recommendations from professional chefs and industry masters. But before you even try and look out for the reviews, you need to think about your budget and whether your need is very basic or professional chef like.
If you are looking for a low cost and budget knife sets then you need search for best affordable knife sets.

Budget Matters !

This will give you the list of sets available for a lower price to suit most people’s budget and some know brands. Always look for a set that includes knives that can cut all types of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dry fruits. You will be surprised to know there are knives designed for different types of fruits, meat, and vegetables. This is something that professionals use at their kitchen but you do not want to go that for unless you are training to become a chef yourself.

Get Accustomed With Knife Reviews

Kitchen knife sets reviews usually comes with the rating from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 and users rate them on various aspects such as the durability, quality of cutting, easy of use, the grip of the handles, cost, etc. While going with the highest rating knife set is a smart move, it requires your own knowledge how to choose one to suit your requirement too. There are chances the one with top rating will not have a specific type or size of knife you want in a set.

How To Pick Kitchen Knives?

So first, list down your requirements and then start searching for reviews and you can even have a look at some knives at stores near you and look for review what people have to say about them. It is always good if you know the make and model of knife set that would be easier to find reviews on.